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Fractionalizing Land,
Developing Metaverse Properties For Everyone.

Develop Customisable Properties In The Sandbox For Affordable Prices

We Are About Empowering Individuals and
Cultivating Community. 

It doesn’t take a genius to realize the future is moving towards the metaverse. We all hear about high profile companies and individuals rushing to build out games, unique experiences, or art galleries to show off NFT collections…but we believe the opportunity with the most upside lies in real estate development.

The high floor prices of land has left it near impossible for the average user to have a property in the metaverse. Individuals will want a home which they can make changes to, rent for income, or even just invest in as a property. If you wanted to do this yourself, you would need upwards of 3 ETH to purchase a land parcel and likely spend even more to build your home; thus the vast majority of users in the metaverse are left homeless.

Solution: The WAGMI Estates project will fractionalize and develop the land parcels it already owns into a housing community so individuals can purchase a home, making them true owners of premium metaverse property in the Sandbox. “Estates”(homes) will have differing features like size, material, color and amenities which determine rarity. Homeowners also have the ability to personalize their place with NFTs they own, or even rent their homes for passive income.

The community will function exactly as a Homeowners Association would IRL through our $HOA token. Improvements to the WAGMI development and the creation of its special amenities will come directly from the community, funded by the WAGMI treasury. Blueprints will be sold prior to the Estates, and will come with utility unique to the token. 33% of secondary market sales of Estates at the end of every month will be distributed back into community treasury. Owners can hold their Blueprints indefinitely or burn the token for a random Estate.

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WAGMI Eco-System


$HOA Token

  1. Holders maintain governance of WAGMI Estates project

    • Ability to bring forth proposals for the WAGMI treasury to fund

    • All community amenities will be conceptualized and created by the HOA 

  2. Blueprint and Estate holders will earn $HOA daily


  1. Blueprint owners can burn their NFT for a random Estate or hold to realize the benefits of the secondary market sale shares that are distributed into the treasury.All minters can purchase one blueprint to burn for an Estate.

  2. Owners maintain access to all WAGMI amenities and community events in the metaverse 


  1. Enjoy your new home in the metaverse! Have parties, display your NFTs, or just hang out...Estate owners have full ownership of their property.  

  2. Owners and renters maintain access to all WAGMI amenities and community events in The Sandbox 

  3. Owners earn $HOA token on

Connecting Dots

WAGMI Estates Roadmap

Blueprint Release

We will be releasing 1,000 blue prints to whitelisted members on February 8th at 1 pm Est. Then we will release the remaining 5,000 blueprints for public sale.  Whitelisted members will be able to mint up to 5 NFTs 24 hours prior to public sale. .

Connecting Dots

Land Reveal

WAGMI will release the location of the Sandbox land parcels it owns 7 days after the blueprint release. 

Estate Release

. At the end of each month, 33% of secondary market revenues of Estates will be redistributed to the community treasury. 

WAGMI Scales

The DAO will use a portion of its profits to acquire more land and scale its housing developments throughout the metaverse. Future projects include commercial development of malls to rent to vendors, corporate offices and additional luxury residential communities.


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